Elian Daiva is an interaction designer based on Bandung, Indonesia. He is recently a full time developer in Labtek Indie, an interactive technology lab and company in Bandung. He holds  MSc. and BSc. in Electrical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung. His works span from interactive installations, embedded systems, games, and lately on virtual reality.

Elian works in the intersection of design, technology, and (sometimes) art. Most of the time, He uses form and code to tinker new styles of expression and conversations between objects, people, and technology.

He is a fan of cyberpunk and loves the idea of how technology could mediate and make a twist in human lives.

Elian has worked on installation at Honda Exhibition 2013Kotakontak at Pasar Seni ITB 2014, Bandung International Digital Art Festival 2016, London Design Biennale 2016 and Venice Art Biennale 2017. You can find the rest at portfolio page on the menu bar or my channel at Youtube.

Or maybe you just want to see me blabbering around at @elianalien.