Hunting the cure of VR simulator sickness Pt.1: the Research

Category : Blog, Hacks · by Mar 27th, 2017


Test existing simulator sickness solutions, and our own potential solutions, especially ones that will help with our own VR projects with a 1-week research project.


While there are no sure-fire solutions , we managed to get some best practice guides that will be immensely helpful for our next VR projects.

If you ever tried using any Virtual Reality (VR) experience, you might be familiar with its simulator sickness. It’s somewhat similar to the motion sickness that some people feel when they’re reading something, while in a moving vehicle. It’s can make you feel dizzy, queasy, even may put you out of commission for several hours.

We’ve tried a several of VR experiences, and developed a couple ourselves; and simulator sickness is definitely one of our top concerns. There are already design guidelines available from Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and others, to minimize this. But there are some solutions that either haven’t been covered there, or ones that we needed but haven’t been specifically addressed. So then we thought, hey, why not do a little research project ourselves?