Lindenmeyer System

Category : Blog, Hacks · by Apr 26th, 2016

after I mapped out any themes that could intrigue me for my next project, I stumbled out in bio-architectural thingies. But before I am going any further to the bio-arch, I need to know first what kind of area it is. After a day full surf, I think it would be better to start from the botanical algorithm. This landed me on the famous lindenmeyer system.

This lindenmeyer system introduced by Aristid Lindenmeyer in 1968. The wikipedia definition would explain that the Lindenmeyer system is a parallel rewriting system and a type of formal grammar. In simple the algorithm mimics the natural pattern of tree branching system. This picture I took from Nature of Code by D. Shiffman, who explain it with example of implementation in Processing.

I tried to follow some line of code, and with simple modification I made a trippy version of it (would be great to be enjoyed with pink floyd’s dark side of the moon hahaha).


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