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Category : Hacks, Thought · by Apr 23rd, 2016

Well this week is no-project-week (that related to the office works). So I started questions myself again about who really am. And what should I make in the future. I saw the open call in Ars Electronica. It seemed interesting until my friend show me his friend’s projects that really fit into the spacey-spacey thingies. I forgot the link, but his works slapped me back and forth mercilessly. I’ve been a generalist for too long and I questions myself about what is my best interest in my. My value proposition.

Yes, I still searching for things that make me curious the most. Something unique. Something Different. Hmmmm should it need to be different? All I see (from my projects before), it was really mixed. So western spaghetti. So spaghetti.

So I mapped out what might be interesting for my next projects. Even if I am fated to be a generalist, i need to choose what my project next hahaha. It might be uncluttered for now and it will be evolving in the future. so here it is:


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