Vivian maier

Category : History · by May 28th, 2015

It is too naive if you living just to be known by other. Even some bloody murder, serial killer, top-notch corruptor, to an artist who throw away millions for a holiday could be the headline. Seeing finding vivian maier documentary put me in epiphany: stardom is too cheap for living. I realize that we’re a product of million years of evolution, mutation that lead us to the way we are right now. And it doesnt bought you just to become some silly headline.

If john maloof doesnt accidentally bought vivian maier box of thousand negatives, i wouldnt be able to see how great a human should be, professionally. As maybe the greatest hero isn’t needed to be known like batman (in TDKR).

It is really hard to be ourself in this kind of era. We’re a push away to our little stardom in our Facebook page, were starving to the love button of instagram. Were too busy lying that it was great, with or without others approval. How long am i gonna keep this photo on my folder, without everyoine know, that i am a happy person. Since when, our moment of joy counted by number of blue thumbs. Its not freedom afterall, were trapped in this kind of faux joy.

I am quite sure, that vivian maybe very happy to her works up there. I am also quite sure that God gave her a good bench to see all the happy faces admiring her works.



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