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Every single student in my college know MIT, place where meant to be a Mecca for world top scientist and engineer. And almost every single student, including me, rejects the thought of doing research and studying there. This is too high. That God fated your brain doesn’t muscled enough to get there. That this is the geeky place, where you had lunch’s chit-chat in binary code of alien language you wouldn’t understand, hahahha

Until tonight I found the Media Lab program in MIT. This program is different from other graduates school in MIT. Where usually the MIT program need you to be a superb genius in academic, this program (as I see) “only” required you to be hacktivist, in everything. This program open to all engineer, artist, psychologist, everyone! The program is interdisciplinary and has no curriculum. It depends on what projects you’re into. Sounds reckless, but you’ll realize, this is the heaven of invention. You should see the research groups and projects worked here, totally outside the box!

I read some students who’s studying there that they are totally unique. This one is Kosta Grammatis’s application to the MIT Media Lab. Here, he stated himself as a lack student, and even said “my school transcripts are trash”. Harshest application letter I’ve ever read, yet the greatest ones I’ve ever read! He stated unmotivated student in class, but he done many of great project on his own. He reminds me of self-taught scientist such Alfa Edison, Faraday, or my best mates, Ausi. They are high valuable person outside the class.

I think not only in my campus, there’s many people outside who are very talented and gifted to be a great man. Maybe just a little of the institution like MIT Media Lab could see them as a diamond. But there’s not many place such Media Lab in Indonesia, or even in the world (as I know European Media Lab closed down after only operating in 5 years).

You should read the MIT Media Lab Director, Joi Ito’s, interview in Asian Scientist Magazine. He said, “I like the word “learning” better than the word education”. Which had opened my eyes that education now, in many ways, is just formalities and an institution. It has different meaning with the Socrates and Archimedes done hundreds years ago.

So, as a helpless man in academic, I hope someday I could go there and found my passion. Then, maybe I could walk as human being from there. hahahaha

Every second is a lesson for you to learn to be free – anonym


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